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1KVA/2KVA/3KVA Online UPS with Lithium Battery True Double Version Standard 2U Rack Type

1KVA/2KVA/3KVA Online UPS with Lithium Battery True Double Version Standard 2U Rack Type

1KVA Online UPS with Lithium Battery

3KVA Online UPS with Lithium Battery

2U Online UPS with Lithium Battery

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Product Details
Nominal Voltage:
Generator Input:
Current Crest Ratio:
Frequency Range:
40 Hz- 70Hz
≥ 90%
Output Frequency:
Cerfcation Ti:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Standard Export Package
Delivery Time
20 days
Payment Terms
L/C, , T/T
Supply Ability
100,000 sets
Product Description

GTECH lithium powered standard 2U Rack Type 1KVA/2KVA/3KVA Online UPS with Lithium Battery, featuring DSP and true doube version cotrol technology, widely used for server, network, data room and IT applications. 





Zero Transfer time

True Double Conversion Online UPS, provide most comprehensive protect mission critical equipment from wide range power quality issues


DSP Digital Control Based

Advance DSP base digital control bring high performance of high input Power factor, low distortion , supply the load with perfect sine wave AC power supply


Li-ion Battery Powered

Provide up to 3x backup time in 50% dimension, comparing with regular Lead-acid UPS product


Dry Contact control Interface for BMS

Incorporated Dry Contact interface for BMS dominant control , for control of charging and discharging base on relay in-depth BMS information


ModBUS interface with BMS

Incorporated ModBUS(RS485) interface with BMS, to achieve precise battery information (voltage/soc/soh, etc) for better UPS behaviour prediction and backup protection control loop.


Li-ion Battery Charger

Constant current , Constant voltage, Floating, Turn-Off 4 state charger for Li-ion battery , open to customize the logical behavior for customer- specified battery pack


Ultra Wide Input Mains range

Strong compatible with ultra with electric environment, stay well with ultra wide range mains of 90V~300V, 40~70Hz ,dramatically reduce battery discharge , prolong battery life.


Best Loading Capability

Up to 0.9 Output Power Factor , 50/60 Hz Automatically adapting, selectable voltage , perfectly match all kind of application


Genset Compatible

Capable of work with wide range of Genset, isolate fluctuation and noise from Genset , provide stable and clean power supply to the user equipment.


High Input power factor

Thanks to digital controlled PFC Technology, >0.99 input power factor, effectively avoid power pollution , save energy expense for customer


Reliable design

Made with strong Glass fiber base (FR4) double side PCB, company with large span component, greatly improve reliability in harsh environment, Well designed ventilation and conformal coating , avoid dust accumulation ,improve resistant to corrosion.


Open to customization

Based on powerful controller and open architecture, the product is able to be customized to match need of integration of automatic system or intelligent supervisory system



Product Outlook:



1KVA/2KVA/3KVA Online UPS with Lithium Battery True Double Version Standard 2U Rack Type 0

 Front View of 3K-Li


1KVA/2KVA/3KVA Online UPS with Lithium Battery True Double Version Standard 2U Rack Type 1

Rear View of 3K-Li




Wiring between UPS and Li-ion Battery Pack


1KVA/2KVA/3KVA Online UPS with Lithium Battery True Double Version Standard 2U Rack Type 2





Model 1K-Li 1KS-Li 2K-Li 2KS-Li 3K-Li 3KS-Li
Capacity VA/W 1kVA/900W 2kVA/1.8kW 3kVA/2.7kW
Topology Double Conversion Online UPS
Phase Single Phase Input Single Phase Output
Mains Input Wiring L/N+PE
Rated Voltage 208/220/230/240VAC
Voltage Range 90~300VAC
Frequency Range 40Hz-70Hz
Input Power Factor ≥0.99
AC Output Wiring L/N+PE
Output Voltage 208/220/230/240VAC
Voltage Regulation ±1%
Output Frequency 50/60±4Hz(Sync Mode) / 50/60Hz±0.1%(Free Run)
Waveform Sine Wave



<2%(Linear Load)
<8%(None-Linear Load)
Over load capability

100%~105% continuous.

60Sec.@105%~130% Rated Load

10Sec.@130%~150% Rated Load

0.3Sec.@>150%Rated Load

Efficiency Line Mode 88% 89% 90%
Battery Mode 86% 87% 88%




Rated Battery Voltage 48VDC (default for 15cell of LiFePO4 )
Battery Capacity 600WH External Battery Depends 1000WH External Battery Depends 1000WH External Battery Depends
Backup Time >40mins @ Full Load >30mins @ Full Load >20mins @ Full Load
Charging Current 4A/8A
Charging Voltage 52.8V(default for 15cell of LiFePO4 ) / Customerized according to battery request

Charger Behavior &


CC. CV. Floating. Turn-Off 4 states

3 over voltage protection loop, preserve interface for over temperature/over pressure switch off interface

Physical Chassis Style RACK / Tower (separated)
Rack Dimension

1K: 438x88(2U)X400mm

1KS: 438x88(2U)X400mm

2K: 438x88(2U)X500mm


3K: 438x88(2U)X650mm


Tower Dimension

C1KS/C2KS: 145×220×390mm C3KS: 190×318×365mm

C1K: 190×318×365mm C2K/C3K:190×318×415MM

  Weight(Tower) 10.8kg 5.0kg 16.5kg 5.5kg 18.0kg 7.9kg
Weight(Rack) 12.5kg 6.5kg 21.6kg 6.8kg 24.5kg 8.2kg
HMI LED DISPLAY Mains / battery status, Load level, battery level, Operation Mode
LCD DISPLAY with LED indicator Input Mains Voltage, Frequency, Load level, Operation Mode, Health Status



1. RS232 PORT

2. Network Card: Support SNMP,TCP/IP Protocol , for remote monitor the UPS via Smart Phone APP, Web page, PC Monitor Software , Support Server / NAS shutdown

3. Dry Contact Interface for BMS control

  • ModBUS For BMS interface

Operating Environment


Temperature range -10~50oC
Relative Humidity 0-98%(Non-condensing)
Acoustics Noise <55dB @ 1 meters

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