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G Tech UPS 110V/220V PWM AVR Automatic Restart UPS

G Tech UPS 110V/220V PWM AVR Automatic Restart UPS

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A single-phase UPS with PWM and a voltage rating of 110v/220v is an excellent choice for ensuring stability and reliability in your power supply needs. With the inclusion of advanced microprocessor technology, this UPS ensures that your power is always secure and reliable.


One of the key features of this UPS is the automatic voltage regulation (AVR) that allows for both boosting and bucking of the input voltage, ensuring that your equipment always receives a stable and reliable input voltage. This is especially beneficial in areas where the power grid is unstable or experiences fluctuations in voltage.

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Another significant advantage of this UPS is the automatic restart feature, which actively monitors and regulates the power supply, ensuring that your equipment is safe and secure. This feature comes in handy when the AC power supply is interrupted, and the UPS immediately switches to battery mode, providing uninterrupted power supply.


Moreover, this UPS is equipped with a simulated sine wave output, which ensures that your equipment operates efficiently and smoothly. This feature is beneficial to electrical and electronic equipment that is sensitive to harmonic distortion.

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The cold start function is another unique feature of this UPS, which allows the system to start up even when no AC power is present. And once the power supply comes back online, the UPS automatically switches to AC mode while simultaneously recharging your batteries.


The enhanced generator compatibility feature allows the UPS to work efficiently with a generator connected to the AC power input. This is particularly important in areas that experience frequent power outages, and a generator is the go-to alternative power source.

In addition, this UPS is easy to install and operate. The LCD display clearly shows the UPS status and alerts you in cases of fault conditions. The beep alerts also notify you when the batteries are low and need charging.


In conclusion, this single-phase UPS with PWM and a rating of 110v/220v is a reliable and efficient power supply option. The advanced microprocessor technology, automatic voltage regulation, automatic restart function, and generator compatibility make it an excellent choice for various applications.

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