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1KVA 5KVA Pure Sine Wave G Tech UPS Consistent Amplitude And Frequency

1KVA 5KVA Pure Sine Wave G Tech UPS Consistent Amplitude And Frequency

Pure Sine Wave G Tech UPS


1KVA Uninterruptible UPS

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1KVA-5KVA Pure Sine Wave Line Interactive UPS


A pure sine wave is a type of wave that has a consistent amplitude and frequency, where the waveform follows a smooth curve without any jagged peaks or valleys. This type of waveform is considered to be the highest quality of power output, as it mirrors the power received from the electrical grid and can run even the most sensitive electronic devices without any interference or distortion.


At present, there is a range of interactive UPS available that offer a pure sine wave output, with a capacity range of 1kVA to 5kVA. These products are highly efficient, effective, and reliable, offering lasting protection against power interruptions and fluctuations.

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The pure sine wave UPS features a dual-core MCU control system, which integrates multiple smart control technologies and provides comprehensive protection against overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, and short circuits. This adds to the product's flexibility, as it can be adjusted to suit different applications depending on the user's specific needs.


The gravity sensor-based automatic LCD display screen is another standout feature of this UPS. This screen is highly intuitive and can be rotated according to user needs, making it easy to read and operate. Furthermore, the device has ample storage in the form of expandable battery packs, allowing for a longer period of operation during a power outage without compromising the quality of output.

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Another notable feature of the pure sine wave UPS is its powerful charging capabilities, which can be activated or deactivated depending on the user's needs. The ability to customize the charging function makes this product especially versatile, as it can be tailored to suit different applications with varying load capacities.


In terms of the product's technical specifications, the manufacturers offer the pure sine wave UPS in five different capacities ranging from 1000VA to 5000VA. This wide range of options makes it easy for users to select the best product for their particular power backup needs. Additionally, the product has a built-in power saving function, which reduces the amount of energy consumed during periods of prolonged idle time.

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In summary, the pure sine wave UPS offers a premium quality power supply, with a range of features that make it an ideal solution for anyone needing reliable backups in case of power interruptions. This highly effective and efficient product provides comprehensive protection against surges, sags, and overloads, while also offering customization options to adjust the charging function according to load capacity. The interactive, gravity-sensor-based LCD display is another standout feature, making it easy to operate and monitor the device during use.


This product is an excellent solution for anyone looking for a high-quality backup power system that is versatile, intuitive and reliable.

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